“The Hidden Messages in Water” By: Masaru Emoto- Book Review

 hidden water - photo

 “Hidden Messages in Water”  By: Masaru Emoto revels how deeply connected water is to the human body, mind, and spirit.  Dr. Emoto’s unsurpassed findings provide exceptional insight into the factual evidence of energetic vibrations, and the role they play in physical health and healing.  Dr. Emoto further unveils connections that are captured by water crystals when exposed to various vibrations, thoughts, sounds, and music.  He candidly uncovers his work and describes the molecular changes that occur within water molecules as they are exposed to various physical and non physical matter.  The result uncovers energetic absorption by water and the ability water has to channel its memory.  Environmental shifts also affect the rhythms and outcomes of water therefore exposing the reactive nature of water (in all life forms) including humans, as our physical body encompasses 60-80% water.

 Dr. Emoto’s findings are imperative to the idea of health and wellness.  Offering discoveries into the science behind the nature of disease, and treatment options contained within the pages of the reasearh itself.   Furthermore, Dr. Emoto proves the effects of energetic vibrations on water molecules.  This scientific research without a doubt is revolutionary.  Emoto’s fascinating photography and insightful commentaries leaves the reader truly astounded and determined to apply his research to daily life.

Water as we know, is a  malleable substance.  It has the capacity and capability to physically change its shape to fit virtually every circumstance.  Within the pages of Dr. Emoto’s book we, the reader can delve into the world of water on a molecular level.  Uncovering energy, vibrations, and the environment can also water molecules.  Therefore, water has the memory to reflect our ever changing environment.  Emoto documents molecular changes in water using a flash freeze photography method. 

 The premise  fueling Emoto’s research is quite simple; knowing that every snowflake that has ever fallen on the earth has a different form, and snow begins as water, then the same can be said for water crystals.  Dr. Emoto began to develop ways to isolate water molecules at particular temperatures in order to photograph their crystals, while doing so he uncovered different samples of water contained varied crystals or no crystals at all.  Exposing the same water to distinct vibrations resulted in distinctive outcomes, and there began his journey into the magical world of water.  Dr. Emoto exposed captivating photos of crystalline structures of water, which depict the varied conditions of our planet.  Water samples taken from remote relatively “untouched” water sources produced beautiful well formed crystals, while water samples from major toxic, polluted cities formed distorted, incomplete or no crystals at all.  Taking these results Dr. Emoto furthered his findings to include experiments that would simulate “a healthy or unhealthy environment”; he did this by various methods including chanting, prayer, music, and personal exposure.  The results are simply astonishing.

 Dr. Emoto’s work unveils the power of thought and intention.  He expresses the idea that “we” have that capacity to positively heal, and transform our planet, and ourselves by the mere thoughts we choose.  He has articulated and proven many views held by ancient healers, yogis, and alternative health care providers.  Dr. Emoto’s ideas are not pioneering however, his scientific research is.  His study proves energetic vibrations do carry with them the abitlity to resound in various outcomes.  The vibrations that we choose daily have diverse results; hence one must promote positive space, and positive thinking in order to carry results that cultivate positivity.  Uncovering the immediate reactions vibrations have on water, and factoring in the percentage of water in the human body, one can only begin to imagine the effect on individual health, and personal healing processes.  This is where Dr. Emoto’s theory begins to form and take shape.  Although, Dr. Emoto has yet to study this affect on human fluid such as urine, saliva ECT… it will be interesting to monitor his research.

 Dr. Emoto has captivated the reader not only through thoughts in his book, but by the research he has completed.  Emoto has managed to provide scientific evidence into the realm of energetic capabilities.  His research is ground breaking, and his book is fascinating.  “The Hidden Messages in Water” is eye opening, as it unveils the impact of our thoughts.  It exposes the outcomes of said thoughts and the physical reactions they have on the earth (also, 70% water), and ourselves.  I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in health; I believe we must not let our preconceived notions on health detour us from considering all options, no matters how unique, and new the thought & research maybe.

This is a true must read for everyone, as the lauange is reader friendly and the 100 + pages is not a heavy commitment but one I know you’ll enjoy.

 Happy Reading!


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