Steps to a Healthly Digestive System

Eating & Proper Digestion





Simple rules to aid in the digestive process: (proactive approach)

  • Take a moment to breathe in the aroma of the food your about to enjoy.  Notice how your mouth begins to water.  This will increase the amount to saliva produced, as well as the enzyme Amylase.
  • Chew food properly:  let the saliva in your mouth have an opportunity to assist the breakdown of carbohydrates. Get those Salivary Glands working! Again, this will increase the enzyme Amylase which breaks down those carbohydrates
  •  Avoid over eating: eating only until 2/3 full.  It takes 20 mins for your brain to receive the message that it’s full.
  • Eat portion size meals & and eat more often: this will get your metabolism going, and give your body the nutrition it needs.
  • Relax: eat slowly; your body does its best digesting in parasympathetic mode. 
  •  Remember: “it’s far better to eat anything with a friend, than a salad with an enemy.”
  • Fast:  Fast for 12-13 hrs/day.


8 am – 7pm ingestion

7pm-4am assimilation

4am-8am elimination and detoxification

  • Order your food: Foods that digest quickly should be eaten first
  1. Veggies
  2. carbohydrates/starches
  3. proteins
  • Have mono meals: Do not over complicate your meals, eat simply – one or two offering per meal is enough variety and less taxing on your digestive system.
  • Practice Food Combining – It really works!
  1. eat fruits alone
  2. do not combine heavy starches with heavy proteins
  3. do not drink with meals (this decreases your very important stomach acid HCL)
  • Drinks: 5-10 mins before meals or ½ -3hrs. After meal (depending on size)
  • If suffering from digestive disorders: try incorporating acidophilis, and Digestive Enzymes (or) Organic Apple Cider vinegar before meals (one tablespoon in a half a glass of water, 10 mins prior to eating) this is an exception to the liquid rule.
  • Bless your food be grateful for your food!

* Remember* Food fuels your body it gives you life, pay attention to what your eating and always enjoy it healthfully.                            

OM Shanti.


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