Putting your Best Face Forward: The Quest for Perfect Skin

Putting your Best Face Forward:  The Quest for Perfect Skin

In the constant quest to look and feel our best, most of us have slathered, masked, exfoliated, and spritzed ourselves to death.  But, do any of these lotions & potions actually deliver?  Or does acne & skin health really stem from the inside out??

Acne has plagued most of us from our tween years, teen, and well into adult adulthood.  Some suffer from the embarrassing pimple that inevitably shows up right before a hot date.  And others from chronic acne that leaves us feeling uncomfortable, awkward, and self conscious.   Either way it’s never a feel good moment. 

Synthetic acne treatments & products are a billion dollar industry yet, not a sure bet that they’ll work, or address what lies beneath.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ, and the most exposed to environmental toxins so, it’s no wonder what we put on our skin is just as important as what we feed our skin.

Treating acne from the inside out is not something most people are willing to do after all, we want results, and we often want them NOW.  But thinking of treatment & prevention is worth its weight in expensive beauty creams.

Following these simple steps can save you time, money, and the stress your perfect skin quest certainly leaves you with.  These steps also work wonders for other skin conditions like: eczema, psoriasis, and inflamed skin.

Step one:  Stay Hydrated – keeping your skin & body hydrated will keep toxins on the path out.  Your skin can be used as a way to release toxins when your bowels & liver cannot do the job.  Water can help keep things moving, as well as assist with attaining the perfect glow.  Anything living needs water to look & feel beautiful!  You can also include healthy fresh pressed juices (70% green vegetable: 30% other vegetable or fruit, this will keep your blood sugar balanced, and contain good levels of chlorophyll for cleansing)

Step Two:  Take a Good Probiotic – Probiotics are “good” bacteria.  They play an essential role in keeping your immune system, intestines, and bowels healthy.  Good digestion plays a bigger role than most people know and, good bacteria are vital. Look for something that contains over 6 billion active bacteria.

Step Three:  EFA’s – Essential Fatty acids are crucial for skin health.  They not only protect the delicate cell membrane and matrix, they keep water in, and inflammation out.  They also keep your skin’s oil production balanced.  Look for EFA’s in Organic Fish, walnuts, seaweeds, Sprouted Chia/Flax, and Fish oils supplements ….. A word of caution, not all fish oils supplements are created equally, fish oils are usually distilled at high temperatures, rancid, and often of poor quality.  Look for higher quality, higher priced, and cold pressed (not distilled) oil that is hexane free. 

Step Four:  Remove Triggers – triggers can be many thing to many people however, there are basic triggers that affect all people.  Some of these include:  pasteurized dairy, hydrogenated oils/fats (found mainly in processed foods), white sugar (including bread, cereals, pasta, and snacks), nitrates, and sulphates, mould found in peanuts and other nuts. (Try soaking raw nuts for 2 hours before enjoying them)

 Step Five:  Cleanse  Cleanse your skin twice daily.  Morning & evening.  Do not over wash your face or use abrasive scrubs.  These tend to irritate the skin and cause further breakouts.  Invest in a good quality organic facial cleanser with calming agents such as rose, camomile, or lavender essential oils.  Do not skip the moisturizer even if you have oily skin.  For oily skin types use a lotion as opposed to creams.

Pat dry after cleansing, never rub even where dry.

One final quick tip:  carry your own spritz bottle filled with good quality organic steeped & cooled green tea.  Green tea has amazing antioxidant healing properties, and can protect the skin against environmental toxins you may pick up daily.

Our facial skin is more delicate than we treat it so incorporating these steps will put you well on your way to keeping your best face forward.

Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis have a tendency to mimic other more serious conditions.  Always contact a health care professional to address concerns.  Keep a watchful eye out for changes in your skin, or if you notice spots, discolorations, or lesions this could be something more serious and will need to be addressed by a professional.

Beauty is never simply skin deep but why not keep that looking healthy too.



Tania Geetika Ibrahim


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