The Wild World of Antioxidants

The Wild World of Antioxidants

Our daily lives have been consumed with talk of health and wellness, in the never ending pursuit to stay on top of the health
game.  The information age is proving to be more mystifying than informative.  Our health lingers in the wind as we contend to balance it all.  Well, antioxidants aren’t the answer everything, but they are proving to be a force to be reckoned with.  There is no disputing it, fresh, seasonal, locally grown, organic foods are the best way to enjoy these nutritious
wonders, and benefit from optimum absorption.  However, it begs the question, Are some fresh foods better than others?
And Why?

Free radicals are what antioxidantsare after.  These free radicals are responsible for damaging, deforming, and pulling electrons away from healthy cells.   When a cell loses an electron it fights to steal another one away, the only place to
get one is from a healthy cell, thus the numbers in unhealthy cells grow.  This is how cellular damage begins.  Antioxidants combat free radical damage by destroying damaged cells, while keeping existing healthy cells healthy. Antioxidants in some instances can even provide a damaged cell with a missing electron needed to balance the cell.   Free radicals can be produced by our own
metabolic functions (digestion/assimilation), as well as processed/refined foods, environmental pollutants, household chemicals, and physical/emotional/mental stress.  If these gangs of free radicals aren’t stopped they can prove quite damaging.

Free radicals have been linked to cancer, inflammatory discomforts, suppressed immune functions, circulatory health, and degenerative aging.  Incorporating foods rich in anti-oxidants offers a real solution to these misgevious damaging

Anti-oxidant rich foods include:  blueberries, cranberries, kidney beans, raw cacao,  sprouted Chia, artichokes, black beans, apples, greens, cherries, alkalizing algae, pomegranates, green tea, pecans, oregano, turmeric, clove,
grapefruits, olives, and russet potatoes.

Supplements include:
Vitamin C, Selenium, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A. (whole food brands are best – ask your community nutritionist), CoQ10, & Spirulina (just to name a few)

Lifestyle (body, mind & spirit):
get plenty of rest, exercise in the sunshine daily, drink 8-10 glasses of pure water/green juices, eat smaller meals more often, and most importantly learn to deal with stress in a relaxing way.  This
can include meditation, yoga, walking, and laughter.

Incorporating these steps into your
daily routine will prove you well on your way to Radical change!!




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