Happy December Holiday News and Events


It’s hard to believe that winter is upon us so soon.  It seems like only yesterday i was driving north to my favourite farmers market to buy the best peaches to replicate Ms. Iantorno’s infamous peach pie.  Today i find myself going through the seasonal rigmarole of digging out scarves, hats, ear muffs, and the anticipated missing glove….its the “new” missing dryer sock of winter.  Nonetheless, I stop and find the humor in the moment.


Community Christmas Affirmation & Gratitude  Challenge 

This season Earthroots Health Shoppe offers the Christmas Gratitude Challenge…..
Starting today we ask that you join us for a month-long inspirational gratitude challenge.
simply begin each morning with 3 aspirations/inspirations/affirmations such as: “i set the intention of joy for the day” or “i affirm my commitment to doing my best today” and in the evening close the day with 3 gifts of gratitude such as: “i am grateful for my sight today i was able to enjoy the beauty of nature” or “I offer gratitude for my warm home & the people in it”

Keep your own daily journal & e-mail us with the title “Earthroots Gratitude Challenge” letting us know you accept the challenge.
Then on Dec 27th when you bring in your journal you gain FREE access to the

“setting intentions for the new year – Mandala Drawing workshop $20.00 value

just for being grateful.  It’s our way of saying thank you for participating and raising your vibration and keeping Christmas in your heart!



As usual Earthroots Health Shoppe invites you to participate in our healing & healthy events.
This month includes some of our community leaders who take great joy & passion with everything they do.
Please RSVP to all events & during this season of giving we ask that you bring a non perishable food item for the Christmas food Bank collection.

Click on the link below for a version of the December 2013 Calendar of Events.
See you Soon!!



Music is Good for the Soul

New music is great for the soul.  Being able to move about freely without judgment or fear, hesitation or criticism is what health and loving yourself is all about.
Earthroots Health Shoppe Loves music and we know you do too!

soooo….each newsletter we invite our clients to send us the favourite new piece of music currently invading your i-pods.   We will post your selections and share the love.
This is a band that has invaded my i-pod recently and although it isn’t exactly a Christmas jingle i just think it’s a lot of fun.

Love Tania


Special Congratulations to the

It was a pleasure to see you, see your goals through!
You did great, you met the challenge and you advanced your health to new levels.

Most of you dropped extra weight, have more energy vitality, better skin, and smiled more often.
Great Job!!!

wE    lOvE   YoU    HeaLthY!!! 



Looking for Something Special but can’t decide???



Can be used on any in store item, promotion, Spa Treatment, Event and more…


One thought on “Happy December Holiday News and Events

  1. Love – Love – LOVE – peach pie – the missing glove – dancing like no ones looking – and the christmas gratitude challenge!

    Thanks for the wonderful gift ideas!

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