I know we have heard it over the past few months but boy….was it a tough winter!!
Each season has its glory and its reason, we are blessed with the winter as it keeps us healthy and strong.
The Goddess of winter ensures that our immune health is strong, bacteria, parasites and other possible critters die off.
It is with gratitude we turn a new leaf & welcome in the Spring!!

As spring approaches we being to sense the body begin to awake from its winter slumber. Just as nature shows
us this circle our body is a microcosm of. We too find ourselves moving towards high vibration foods and less
toward warm, comfort stews, soups, and roots vegetables.

Spring is the awakening process…the time to begin detoxification in preparation for
absorption, and healing the body once again.
We are here to answer your questions about this process, about moving the chi energy and shedding
what we’ve carried in our hibernation months past.

We invite you to cleanse and prepare this month with a wonderful
list of events, workshops, cleanses and much more.

Remember… We Love You Healthy!!!


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