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Cold & Flu Season

Q:  Are there any natural remedies to battle colds & flu?

A:  Battling cold and flu season can be simply exhausting.  The first line of defense is always prevention; this includes 7-8 hours of sleep, a diet consisting of 8-10 servings of fresh fruits & vegetables and daily exercise. But, how do we treat the symptoms? Oregano Oil.  This weapon has proven to be a natural wonder.  Oregano Oil is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, antifungal, and anti-parasitic. On the on-set of symptoms begin use, 3 drops under the tongue, 3 times a day until recovery.  If symptoms exceed 7-10 days consult your physician & include the use of Acidophilus (6 billion or more active bacteria), this will replenish good bacteria stores in the body.  Be warned Oregano Oil packs a punch, but your body will thank you.

Tania Geetika Ibrahim  RHN



Energy & Vitality 

Q:  Are there any recommendations you have to increase vitality and health during the summer months?

A:  The summer months are great time of year to increase your vitality, energy, & achieve optimum results.  Whether you’re detoxifying, or just bringing awareness to your health; summer offers a unique opportunity to increase vitamin, and mineral absorption.  Vitamin D is waiting to be absorbed through your skin via the sun, so spending time outdoors will naturally increase your immune strength, and vitality.  Buy local and seasonal fruits, and veggies: take advantage by eating fresh and organic.  Also invest in a good juicer, try a ratio of 70% greens to 30% fruit daily.  Freshly pressed juices allow nutrients to enter your blood stream almost instantaneously. With juices, your digestive system needs to do very little work therefore; your blood stream receives a concentrated dose of healthy nutrients, as well as naturally detoxifying the body, and improving digestion.  This ratio will keep the sugars low and increase you metabolic rate.   Buyer Be Ware: not all juicers are created equally, so talking to a local nutritionist in the “know” will save you time & money.

Tania Geetika Ibrahim  RHN


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